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Peppy Brush 3 in 1

Peppy Brush 3 in 1

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• Toilet Cleaning Spray System & Stylish Brush Holder
• Ergonomic & Hygienic Toilet Cleaning Tool
• Bonus 16 oz Peppy Bowl Cleaning Solution

With a convenient reservoir and hand-triggered spray nozzle, the cleaning solution is applied directly to hard-to-reach spots. Simply spray and scrub quickly and easily!

• The high-quality aluminum and polymer design of Peppy Brush is built to scrub tough stains, with a heavy duty, stiff bristled brush, engineered to reach the tough contours of the toilet bowl.
• Very light just 0.58 pound (267 grams)
• Standard dimensions 3.9 x 3.9 x 19.6 inches

• Peppy Bowl Liquid Cleaner is a powerful, but environmentally friendly, lilac-scented cleaning solution that both freshens and sanitizes your toilet with one spray!
• That's 170 additional sprays!
• With a refillable cleaning solution reservoir and replaceable brush head, Peppy Brush is built to hold up over months and months of heavy use.

• The reservoir holds enough cleaner liquid especially created for Peppy Brush with carefully balanced viscosity and lilac perfumes, very effective in eliminating odors.
• One spray is enough to keep the toilet clean. The refill bottle lasts for 80 days.

Tackle tough cleaning jobs without fatigue, thanks to our ergonomic comfort handle and easy spray system that makes it simple to clean and scrub in one, easy motion. Fits perfectly anywhere!

Peppy Brush dimensions: 3.9 x 3.9 x 19.6 inches Peppy Brush weight: 0.58 pound (267 grams) Color Box Size: 21.65x 7x5.51 inches (55x18x14cm) Box Weight: 3.30 pounds (1,5kg)
Carton Box Size (6pcs): 17.91x15.15x22.83 inches ( 45.5x38.5x58cm)
Carton Weight: 22 pounds (10kg)

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